12 Jul, 2022

Foresight Economics Energy Index Summary

by Foresight Economics

The energy sector is critical for the everyday functioning of society and industry. Yet global events such as COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war have revealed the depths of worldwide energy insecurity and the consequences of energy supply disruption, catapulting the world into a race to find a new equilibrium to safeguard energy security.


Against this backdrop, Foresight Economics has launched the Foresight Economics Energy Index. The Foresight Economics Energy Index is an energy-centric ranking of global markets – with an ASEAN Plus focus – based on the markets’ attractiveness to inbound greenfield foreign direct investment (FDI). It acts as a reference guide to the ASEAN energy sector, providing key insights to investors by tracking the sector’s evolution from the past to the present.


As with Foresight Economics’ flagship Global FDI Attractiveness Index, the Foresight Economics Energy Index was derived from capturing and analysing publicly available and subscription-based data across four indicators – Governance and Diversification, Openness, Economic Growth, and Natural Resources Endowment – with factor analysis and automated machine learning, then aggregated to form a composite index of FDI attractiveness and subjected to robust back testing using an AI algorithm.


The use of selective determinants in the Foresight Economics Energy Index yields in-depth, expert energy sector analysis capable of empowering investors and institutions to make more informed greenfield energy sector-focused investments. With a world now embroiled in the biggest energy crisis of the past 50 years, it has never been more important to strike a balance between optimised returns and positive economic impact in the pursuit of global energy security and sustainability.