Driving effective cross-border capital flows through robust data, analysis and insight

Visualising a data-driven investment future​

From sovereign wealth funds to strategic corporate investors, we support direct investment flows at the investment and portfolio levels through predictive analytics and expert insights.

Robust cross-country and cross-sector investment comparisons
Deep portfolio optimisation and customisation*
Objective, actionable analysis by trusted industry experts
Relevant and quantifiable FDI attractiveness metrics*
*Available through direct consultation

Harnessing the power of data and analysis

With multiple analytical methodologies and trusted insight from academic and industry experts, we offer an unprecedented approach to understanding the drivers of FDI attractiveness at a granular level.


We apply data reduction techniques and predictive analytics based on AI-powered AML algorithms.


We back our proprietary Global FDI Attractiveness Index up with rigorous academic research.


We integrate multiple historic data points and investor objectives to customise output.


We provide expert analysis from industry veterans for deeper insight.


Explore a brand new
approach to FDI with us.

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